918kiss formerly known as SCR888 has been introduced to market in about 5 years and leading the Online Casino Games market due to its hottest online slot game and easy to install to Mobile phone whether you are Android or Iphone users.

To join the 918kiss games you just need to download the APK file for Android or iPhone version files at 918kiss download . Just follow step in the download to install the 918kiss games and start to winning your jackpot .

Official download page is : https://tm.918kiss-kiosks.com/.

918kiss Asia agent download page is : https://918kiss-login.asia/download-918kiss-online-casino-game/

5 Top reason to join 918kiss Games

  1. Time & Money Saving
  2. Save your travel time and money by going Genting or ” Kedai Mesin Judi “
  3. Variety of Games

The type of games that are offered in 918Kiss slot games are the 5 line slot games, 10 line slot games, 15 line slot games, and 20 line slot games. There are also many other games offered such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, dragon tiger, and also the most famous Sun Wu Kong games. There are also a few very popular slot games such as Dolphin Reef, Great Blue, Safari Heat and also Bonus Bear. This game has enabled players of 918Kiss to earn a great amount of money during their time of playing these games. Players that are consistent in doing this can win up to RM40,000. Not to mention, during their time of playing these slot games that have a high bonus of up to a 250x multiplier.

How To Profit Massively

After talking so long about what is 918Kiss about and how to download the application into your mobile phone. Players will definitely be interested in how to win while playing the slot games in 918Kiss. We can always start off with a very popular slot game such as the Great Blue 25 lines slot game in our 918Kiss gaming websites. Great Blue, in brief, is a very popular slot game in the 918Kiss long list of slot games. This is because it is a 25 lines slot game and also because it has a couple of jackpots such as the minor jackpot. And also the major jackpot that drops randomly when you are playing the slot game in Great Blue.

Top Tips To Win Tremendously:

To start off with slot games, it is best for players to deposit at least a minimum of RM500 into their account. Because with that minimum deposit players are able to win at least 1 bonus round in their first session of gambling. The goal of playing slot games such as Great Blue is to spin roughly about RM15 per round. You would not want to spin more than RM15 per round because the capital of RM 500 is just comfortable and affordable for players to spin RM15 per spin.

By spinning for 50 to 100 rounds in Great Blue slot games in 918Kiss players will get “3 little red seashells” this 3 shells will then bring the players into a 10 round free spin bonus round. This is very important because by going into the bonus round, players can get to choose 2 out of the 5 shells as displayed on the screen. There is a multiplier of 7,10 and 15 and also additional free spin of 8 and 10. This free spin and also multiplier is so important. Especially when players get into this bonus round all their winnings from the spins will be multiplied by at least a few fold. Just repeat this process 4 to 5 times a week. Players are able to at least cash out with RM40,000 from the 918Kiss casino website.

Guide To Being The Ultimate Winner

In the twist and plot of slot games, the juice and the ultimate purpose of consistent playing is not to get too greedy in every session. Because the technique to winning is to use a small amount of capital and then keep spinning. Until the bonus round appears and then win big by winning a huge amount of payouts in the bonus round. This is due to the great multiplier in the bonus rounds of Great Blue slot game in 918Kiss. Rule No.1 in gambling is to follow a very strict set of rules. Which is, first to follow the principle of investing a small amount of money. Then turn it into winning a big amount of money back weekly.

I will need to repeat this again as many players will get so into their head of winning huge amount in one gaming session. Because it is not too possible because slot games technique is to win RM2000 to RM3000 per session. Then, do it consistently for a month or so and not to win RM 20,000 one off. Because by getting too greedy you are bound to lose everything. Not to mention, you will also lose what you have won in the past in one greedy and uncontrollable session. Always remember that by investing in life whether it is gambling, property or shares. Is to never get over your head and be greedy. This is easier said and very hard to be done. Because as we all know, human nature is very greedy. Happy winning to you guys out there and see you soon again! Ciao!